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Homosexual Honduran Granted Asylum Lawyer Daniel Christmann

Lawyer Daniel Christmann with Refugee Jose Gabrieles Gonzalez

Tears of relief fell from his face when Honduran native Jose Gabrieles Gonzalez was granted asylum today in the United States. Mr.Gabrieles Gonzalez was represented by lawyer Daniel Christmann in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr.Gabrieles Gonzalez endured violent attacks from gang members in Honduras because of his sexual orientation. The proof is shown in the form of scars on his body from machetes. Because he is gay, his life and the lives of his family members were continually threatened in his native country, so in March, 2014 he decided to flee to the United States. He sought refuge with family members but was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and faced deportation.

Lawyer Daniel Christmann argued that Mr.Gabrieles Gonzalez would most likely face violent discrimination if he returned to Honduras, and that return might just cost him his life. Mr.Christmann stated that Mr.Gabrieles Gonzalez is entitled to asylum based on his proven fear of persecution on account of his sexual orientation. Only a small percentage of all asylum cases in the United States are granted. And today Mr.Gabrieles Gonzalez became part of that lucky percentage. Starting today he may live a life without the fear of being persecuted because of his sexuality.

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