Victim of Domestic Violence granted Asylum in Charlotte, NC

She jumped and hugged her lawyer Daniel Christmann when he told his Honduran client Marta Cruz-Gomez that she was granted asylum last week. Mrs.Cruz-Gomez was victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband in Honduras. After years of abuse, she finally was able to grab her older son and flee to the US border, where she applied for asylum. She found a new home in South Carolina while her lawyer Daniel Christmann fought her asylum case in immigration court. Mr. Christmann based his legal argument on a 2014 case by the Board of Immigration Appeals which recognized “victims of domestic violence who are not able to leave the relationship” as a protected group for asylum purposes. Immigration judges grant only a few asylum applications each year. This was Mrs. Cruz-Gomez’s lucky year. She is not only allowed to remain in the US, but also apply for permanent residency in one year from now. In 5 years she will qualify for US citizenship. Additionally, she is able to petition for her younger son, who had found refuge with his grandparents. For Mrs. Cruz-Gomez, last week marked the beginning of a new life, a life without fear of violence toward her or her children, a life of freedom and peace.